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Oxford’s original and best balloon decorator

since 2001

Some of our happy customers

Founded in 2001, is a successful balloon-decorating, wedding and event business. Becky and Lucy Lee-Allen lead a small team of fully trained and meticulous staff who are passionate about delivering the best possible service. Our small, family-run business prides itself on our ability to make things work and our innovative ideas. We believe that what we offer is the best in the business and our attention to detail is second to none.

Balloons can be a challenging material to work with. They can be popped, fly away, make a dash for the ceiling, deflate and even explode in very hot weather! Fear not though, we are more than aware of all the things that can go wrong and because of our expertise we have very few problems.

We always carry plenty of spares and use a belt-and-braces approach to all our decorating jobs. We’ve occasionally lost balloons to the highest of ceilings in some very grand buildings; however, we have a secret way of getting these down without even using a ladder!

We help people with their celebrations, we make sure our part goes smoothly and it’s a privilege to be a part of your big days. We consider ourselves to be very lucky.


What’s in helium balloons?

Our latex balloons are made from 100% natural latex, and are therefore biodegradable.

Our foil balloons are made from metallicised nylon.

We can treat latex balloons with a product called Hi-Float, which extends float time by around a week. Typically, this adds 25p to the price of the balloon.

Our helium is 100% recycled; helium is used for medical purposes such as in MRI scanners to regulate magnet temperatures. It can be re-used up to 10 times in this way. After that, it has developed too many impurities to be used again. It then gets recycled in Oxfordshire and stored in helium tanks for us to use for inflating balloons!

Do you deliver, and how much is it?

Yes we do – we have been a delivery-only company since 2023. We offer a delivery and set up service on all our decor, throughout Oxfordshire.

Delivery to OX2, OX3, OX5 and OX33 is free;

Delivery to OX1, OX4 and OX44 is £4.95;

Delivery to OX13, OX14, OX20, OX25, OX26 and OX29 is £6.95;

Delivery to all other OX postcodes is £8.95.

NB – 24 hours’ notice is usually required for delivery, but please call us if you need same day delivery and we will try our best to accommodate you – 01865 766777.

Can I release balloons?

We do not endorse the release of any balloons. Although our latex balloons are 100% latex and biodegradable, they still create litter and cause great harm to wildlife if ingested. Foil and plastic balloons do not biodegrade, and foil balloons can cause major electrical problems if they hit a power line.

How long do your balloons float for?

We get asked this every day. Like flowers, there are so many different types of balloons –

Foil Balloons
Float time: around a week.

Please note, foil balloons are particularly sensitive to temperature and may not always be suitable for outdoor use. On a very cold day, the helium will compress and make the balloon look saggy. On a very hot day, the helium will expand – balloons burst in hot cars, and as a result of extreme change of temperature. On a rainy day, the balloon will sink! Foil balloons are not suitable for release.

Latex Balloons
Float time: around 16 hours.

We can treat latex balloons with a product called Hi-Float, which extends float time by around a week. Typically, this adds 25p to the price of the balloon. Please do not release balloons – they create litter and can damage wildlife.

We also supply larger latex balloons, up to 6ft in diameter. Please get in touch with us for more information about them

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